Renewable Energy discussions with Zaid Shopeju

As the town hall meeting was to create a road map in alternative energy in renewable resources, to your opinion, what was discussed as the greatest challenge in implementing renewable energy in rural areas?
Nigeria is a very rich country in terms of human and capital resources but our greatest problem has always been corruption and the glaring lack of political will to tackle it. In the last decade millions of dollars have been spent on upgrading, repairing and even building new power station but yet majority of the people still leave in daily darkness. In fact, Nigeria is the second only to India in the number of people living without electricity: 82.4 million, while another 117.8 million Nigerians rely on wood and biomass for cooking, even though the nation is sitting on the largest known natural gas reserves on the continent and blessed with abundant renewable energy resources. So the policy and the implementation problem is not just limited to rural areas but we believe that a small state like Osun State can lead the way in this green revolution.

It was stated that government officials were present in the town hall, were agreements or pledges made to ensure Osun state will be powered with safe, cost effective alternative energy?
Unfortunately despite invitation to relevant agency in Osun state, there was no government official at the meeting. This does not in any way underscore the success of the meeting as different civil society groups, activists and mid professionals from various part of the country were part of the meeting and some of the resolution was to submit communiqué of the meeting to the State Governor and the head of the relevant ministry for deliberation and eventual actions. We are confident that with more meetings and pressure from non state actors the government will be force to action and the will of the people will prevail.

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