Kimyan Law – living childhood dreams in electronic sounds

Kimyan Law is someone I’ve had my eyes on for a little while. This Congolese artist’s sound has become increasingly refined and more intricate over the last few years with this dark, murky electronic music. He has been living Austria for a while now after fleeing the civil war in the Congo and it was in Vienna where he would get knee-deep into the drum and bass scene, working with Blu Mar Ten Records. His work shows an obvious influence from Drum and Bass and some varieties of organic music sealed with technically complex effects.

Photos by Alex at Decoy Media

Photos by Alex at Decoy Media

At only 20 years, he has a very bright future ahead, and having already created the masterpiece that is “Coeur Calme” in 2014, one cant help being excited about what he has in store for 2015.

 When making your music, what are some of the little things that give you inspiration ?

Definitely weather, memories, emotions and environmental sounds. Sometimes scent or taste,  or place and temperature. I get inspired by lots of different things, and it’s never the same feeling twice.

Which musicians do you really look up to and are there any with whom you would like to work ?

I would say Amon Tobin and Burial are just two of loads of musicians I admire. I have a wish list in my head of whom I would want to work with, but let’s see what the future holds.

Read about your odeal of having to flee the Congo because of the civil war. Do you feel that your experience has been musically translated in your work ?

To be honest, I don’t think it has had that much influence on my work. To me, the sound of the album and writing it was all about my childhood, mostly dreams and things I wanted to recall. Maybe that’s why.

Now in the studio, what are some of the equipment you just can’t work without ?

My Ear buds, a pair of Sticks, a field recorder and my laptop. Those are essential, or let’s say at least the sticks.

I really liked “Run Ames” from your very recent “Coeur Calme”. Can you tell us more about it ?

Writing ‚Run Ames’ was one thing, but ending up working with vocalist Robert Manos was incredible. It just made the tune complete, so I’m glad that it’d work out that well.

How would you describe your workflow when producing? Is there a certain way that you begin making a track, or is it different every time ?

Sometimes I begin with the drum work, sometimes with the melody. Sometimes I even begin with the Outro. I never know, how I begin writing a track, so there’s no formula to it. Especially right after I recorded a bunch of new sounds, my workflow’s great, but it also depends on the mood I’m in.

Who is Kimyan Law when he’s not busy producing music ?

I guess Kimyan Law thinking about producing music. I mean, from time to time, everyone needs a break from his work, but most of the time I’m thinking about new ways, schemes and combinations of producing music.

What can we expect from you in 2015 ?

Expect the unexpected.


Thank You for having me!