Rwanda – we have not forgotten

It took 100 days to brutally murder  500 000 – 1 million Tutsi and Hutu tribe members, but it will take endless lifetimes for us to ever forget the brutal killings.

We remember Rwanda’s first female Prime Minister, Agatha _74119279_agatheuwilingiyimana_corbis-0000288540-024Uwiingiyimana, how even with the protection of ten belgium UN Peacekeepers, the sancity of her the UN Volunteer compoung where  she along with the peacekeepers were assassinated all admist the genocide.

We cannot forget the bodies of fathers, mothers, sisters and community members that were marred across the land. To this day, we still do not know the true number of people that were killed by this heinous activity.

But, although these were voatile times, it was also a time where were saw unity, mostly looking at Paul Rusesabagina, born of a Hutu and Tutsi background, sought the protection of 1 268 Hutu refugees – all of which were not harmed or injured under his protection in the Diplomatic Hotel ( Hôtel des Diplomates) in Kigali, Rwanda. Paul Rusesabagina

We cannot forget his work mostly because the world chose to document it in film – for any one to learn about his work or efforts – a quick guide to the film “Hotel Rwanda” enables us to see the power of someone taking a stand against brutal activity in a region.

In essence Rwanda, all that is needed to be said is that we stand with you in solidarity, we appreciate the strides you have taken in deveoping the economy: becoming knowledge based, moving ICT structures to children in less developed areas. But we also appreicat your social strides. We empathize with your pains and strive to move forward in a unified Africa through knowledge gathering, and sharing.