#WeeklyThoughts: The power of ICT

Stack of books and laptop computer While Africa develops in the agriculture and mineral sector, the ICT sector remains a platform which explodes of potential opportunities.

Although various youth entrepreneurs are gearing into this sector, one of our greatest challenges in ensuring accurate information about our continent and its 54 countries are available online.

African indigenous knowledge is usually passed verbally (apart from certain tribes which inscribed their teachings on scrolls or walls such as the Ghazawee and Nubian tribes in North East Africa), however, Afrolutionists such as Professor Lovemore Mbigi assist in unearthing such history  and incorporating it in our world today.

Still, we need to create avenues of accessing our information on platforms on the internet, not only to boost more relevant information about our countries and give  a true image of Africa, but for our future generations to have more than one reference point in seeking information.