Tendai Maraire from Shabazz palaces is the one partly responsible for the Chimurenga Renaissance hip hop project that has been centered on Zimbabwe and the life of the people there. Tendai, together with Hussein Kalonji have managed to fashion their hypnotic sound by fusing electronic music and traditional instruments such as the mbira and the ngoma drums.

His delivery is exactly what you’d expect from a conscious street poet. Their style is basically a myriad of electronica, dub, jazz, and other atmospheric sounds, all of which held by vehement rhymes delivered in a way that is reminiscent of the last poets. Somewhere between all that, you have some interesting dreamy melodies to try and make sense of what can sometimes sound like chaos really! lol .

I highly recommend Rize Vadzimu Rize album they released last year. Its a well crafted album that isn’t just all rap but an exploration of other genres as well. It consists of concepts and connections that Tendai has with his roots; Zimbabwe.

Before you can even start listening to this record, the album art shows this. Great stuff.