#WeeklyThoughts: Realizing Entrepreneurship

What sets apart entrepreneurs from the large crop of people is that entrepreneurs define problems as opportunities.

Founder and Chairman of ECONET wireless group, Strive Masiyiwa is a pure holistic example of such a case. He took heed that there is a problem in his country, Zimbabwe, where he engaged in a 5 year legal constitutional battle which led to the removal of a monopoly of the state in telecommunications in the country.

strive-masiyiwaThis led Masiyiwa to open his flagship business Econet Wireless International, which has expanded to become a global telecommunications group with investments and operations in Asia Pacific, Latin America and our own grounds in Africa. From opening business in 1986 till now, it gives hope to younger entrepreneurs that as long as there are problems on earth, your reality of seeing it as an opportunity will help catalyse your idea into a working, functioning business.