#newsupdate: Somalia is making a killing in the livestock game

This once anarchist state has moved towards recovering politically and building the economy.

Agriculture, one of Somalia and by extension Africa’s significant economic sector is primarily the ‘go-to’ sector when it comes to building economic muscle and employment – as it bears fruits for illiterate but skilled workers and engages in shifting subsistence farmers to the commercial field.

For Somalia, the agricultural sector, specifically livestock harboured record-breaking numbers, according to the Food and Agricultural Sector of United Nations (FAO)

In a briefing held in Rome, Italy today FAO announced that Somalia registered exports of 5 million livestock worth an estimated $360 million in the past year, contributing to 40% of the country’s GDP.

Under leadership of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Somali government sought investors to catapult large funding into the prevention and spread of animal diseases. Back by the United Kingdom and European Union,  Somalia’s livestock was safe of such diseases which enabled exports of 4.6 million goats and sheep, 340 000 cattle and 770 00 camels.  360 million US Dollars of these exports are attributed to buyers from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Not only is this an economic boost, but a boost to the food security, as the government, and other organisations such as Adeso play their hand in creating a sustainable economic climate through agriculture.