That's that May Weather

Interesting how one’s environment can change their entire outlook on life. During the course of this week, I’ve been finding difficulty to focus on my work and what needs to be done to keep this blog and its other media platforms alive.

Wondering where I went wrong, I looked into my daily routine: wake up and meditate. Check. Pray? Check. Get ready and head to the office? Check. Read mail? Check. Find information to write on including news updates? Check. Write uhm, yeah about that…

I attributed my writing to my environment; maybe this desk and chair thing wasn’t for me. Perhaps I should be at the park or a restaurant. But that was far from the problem. The problem was that in making my life that of a routine and schedule, my brain got bored – and the lack of creativity spun me into an abyss of negativity. Every story I read I failed to see the beauty in. Every problem I saw I failed to take home its opportunity or solution.

Best example, Nigerian militants under Buhari’s leadership have freed 700 women and children under Boko Haram’s regime. Of that 700, 234 missing girls were found, unfortunately only 214 of them were found to be pregnant. I only realized the great misfortune of these young girls who were now made women due to circumstances beyond their control – I failed to see how by saving them, the militants have saved unborn lives as well, and for those who may be infected with any sexual related virus, they now have access to healthcare which would protect them and the unborn child.

Maybe I should put a blame too on this May weather. The season is changing. Those in the northern hemisphere are getting into sun, beach balls and shorts while I and my counterparts stock up in wool and fleece preparing for the Winter. I’m not the biggest fan of winter, my hair gets drier, my skin cracks and there’s not enough coconut oil in my area to protect my melanin self from this time – then again it goes back into my state of mind. I guess it’s not that May weather, it’s the power of my mind. It sets control of my ability to think positively or negatively.

So if anything, I know now that I have total control of my environment because it’s all in me. Even where I see chaos and turmoil – I need to see opportunity, and share this opportunity for growth with all of you – that’s why I decided to create this platform in the first place. The beauty of life is all in us, I hope one day it won’t take me days off of taking away this sight’s magic from you to see that.