#MCM B.B King – Knowledge is power

B.B king  The brain is like a sponge. It absorbs information. In the same light, the brain is not like a sponge, the information it absorbs cannot be oozed out – this is the basis of the power of Knowledge.

Legendary Blues musician B.B King who recently left Earth to become our Afrolutionary ancestors once spoke about the power of learning – that it cannot be something that is taken from you.

This is why there is power in knowledge, because the more you know, the more information you have – the more informed you are to either follow your passion, make a change in society or create a well-rounded footprint for yourself while your on this planet.

The power of knowledge goes from your own enlightenment to enlightening other people, through reading and sharing books, conversations, creating formal forums or conferences where you can engage with like-minded people. So don’t stop reading, never stop writing, drawing, thinking and critiquing. Your knowledge is the only asset that can’t be seized or taken from anyone in this world.