#NewsUpdate: Meet Africa's Innovation Prize winner

We highlighted last month the top 10 most innovative Africans selected under the highly soughted Innovation Prize Africa Award;

At dusk of the past week, one of the top 10 was selected as Africa’s most innovative, Moroccocan innovator and reseracher  Adnane Remmal who created a patent formula of natural phenolic molecules which contain anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties, reducing the health hazard from cattle to humans, prevents multi-resistant germs from transmitting into the cattle thus proving cost effectiveness to farmers. In a nutshell, Remmal created a green alternative to antibiotics for cattle.

Remmal received US$100 000 cash prize for his extensive research and implementation of his product. with receipt of the prize, Remmal said “My innovation provides farmers with solutions to improve their production; it is cost effective and can be easily adopted, giving farmers increased benefits without the side effects of anti-biotics.”

Second Prize went to Kenyan innovator Alex Mwaura Muriu, of Farm Capital Africa – a platform where investors and local commercial farmers meet to attract shares and encourage profit building. Muriu won  a cash prize of US$25 000 , and Special award winner for social impact was granted to South African innovator Lesley Erica Scott, for her Smartspot TB check machine , also awarded with US$25 000.

For the first time in The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) history, all nominees were granted with US$5 000 voucher to help catapult all their innovative products and services to greater heights, so ideally there were no losers, just a plethora of amazing innovators who went home inspired.

Hopefully we will see more of their products being spread around the continent.