#TBT Mpho Sebina radiates on Loves Light

Ealier this year our blogger Boitshepo Motsamai shared laughs, lessons and lemonade with Mpho Sebina, discussing her new journey in becoming a musician.

With only knowing Sebina from her amazing cover songs on youtube, One of the Boitshepo’s main questions points was ‘where is YOUR music?’ In which she stated that she doesnt wnt to bind herself to  date, but maybe July18th, and maybe, just maybe well hear a single before we get her album.

Her maybes have become realities with her new single Love’s Light circulating local Botswana airwaves and receiving more love on SoundCloud.

The single intially starts off with cultural themed vocals, reminding myself of my own traditional culture (that of the Khoi-san tribes harmonic sound and clapping of hands to make a beat) just before Mpho breathes life into the song with singing advice to her listeners. singing ‘look for your truth with all of your mind while living your life – because light will embrace you’. 

A minute into the song, the traditional sound is infused with jazz-like hues of strongs and horns being played underneath Mpho’s capturing voice, attacking me with ripples of chills rushing down my spine right while my body cloaks in goosebumps until the song came to close.With a video in production we can only  sway to her acoustic sound and artistically appreciate her footprint in the growth of Botswana’s relatively young music industry.

Have a listen to her new single “Loves Light”  on  Soundcloud