#Competition Show AGILITY your Africa and Win

If you’re an amateur or professional photographer who takes diverse pictures that show the various faces of Africa, this competition is looking to praise your kind.

One of the worlds leading providers in integrated logistics, Agility is hosting a competition running year for amateur and professional photographers who capture Africa in three different categories: cities, industry and technology.

CEO of Agility Africa Geoffrey White believes that today’s world perception of Africa is still outdated – citing that 7 of 10 of the world’s fastest growing economies are on this continent. “This photo competition is intended to highlight a dynamic market with opportunity. Too frequently, the world reports only the bad news from the Continent, when there is so much that is impressive that Africa can be proud of. We hope this photo competition will demonstrate some of the positives revealing the real progress and development that Africa is making.” He further added.

Filling the gap in providing a platform to show Africa’s melting pot of growing techno-culture, with vibrant youthful consumers and a in infusing urbanization and culture. “The photo competition is an engaging way to encourage amateur and professional photographers to present modern, fast-changing Africa through images that show its successes,” White stated.

The competition runs from begginging of June to September 1st this year, awarding a $2000.00 cash prize to winners in each category, and $4000 cash prize to the overall winner. All winning pictures will be shown on a CNBC Africa telecast and published in Forbes Africa.

Visit www.africa2015.com for more information on the competition.