Brand Matters -An exclusive message from Dr. Carla Enlsin

At this year’s Ideas Expo held in Gaborone, Botswana Dr Carla Enslin co-founder of Vega school of brand leadership highlighted a significant issue under branding – relevance.

With the fast paced technological development, consumers have developed a ‘microwave’ mentality, being able to forget about brands if they simply do not play a role in their everyday lives.

According to a recent study conducted by Havas states  that 73% of consumers wouldn’t care if a brand they use disappears overnight. In such, it is of great significance for businesses to invest in brand imaging – not only in visuals, but also in its purpose, and its uniqueness in a business.

“Embed your brand purpose, the reason why your business matter in everything that you do.” She says, sharing her advice exclusively to The Afrolutionist.

Branding doesn’t only end with the customer, but extends into businesses, clientelle and employees. Your brand purpose must state the reason why your business exists – and creates a rapport with those your interact with.

“Let it (brand purpose) guide your every decision and action. If it is evident to others that your brand matters they will pay attention. If they connect with it they may just want to work for you, do business with you or align with you.” She adds.


Dr Carla Enlsin is the co founder and academic head of Vega School Brand of Leadership. She is also a deputy chair of the Brand Council of SouthAfrica 2014/2015, and a teaching fellow at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business. Carla also works as a consultant and trainer for companies and their creative terms on the design and implementation of their brand identity systems.