#Interview Microphone Diplomacy at this years Fete De La Musique

It’s Africa Time once again at this year’s Fete De La Musique in Botswana, as renowned award winning Hip Hop Artist Zeus will be performing on stage in Molapo Piazza, Gaborone. We caught a bit of time for us to get his perspective of the power of Fete De La Musique:

Fete De La Musique is a festival celebrated worldwide and Africa is one of the partakers. IN your opinion, how significant is the role of this event to the music culture in this country and Africa by extension?

It is a special event for music development for several reasons including the fact that it is a global occasion that has become a fixture in many local music calendars which is a powerful thing in terms of energy which is synchronized annually for the great cause that is musical expression. The latter is key as the celebration of music in its purest form is a call for preservation of art which is important in the face of modern commercialism which despite its benefits in reaching audiences and empowering artists can distort the integrity of music as it views it purely as product without a soul.


You mentioned at the press conference that you are currently working with underground rappers such as Owie, do you have anything planned for the event which would incorporate talents such as his?


Yes I look forward to giving him an opportunity to share a piece during my set, unfortunately the track we have recorded together is not ready for airing or performance yet but he has tonnes of material I hope the audience embraces.

Looking at this years theme and incorporation of French artists at the festival, does the French culture carry impact to you musically?

My biggest inspirations from the French music scene include a French rapper by the name of MC Solar who came up since the mid nineties and captivated me with the use of his ethnic language in very contemporary Hip Hop flows; the French Hip Hop revolution was a great cue for us Motswakolistas looking to build our own identity within the context of a global culture. My other huge favourite French musical act along with almost everyone in the world is the legendary production duo Daft Punk! Post the smash of the single “One more time”  which was a soundtrack to my adolescent years when we were getting up to mischief trying to sneak into parties, I checked for more of their music and absolutely loved their album Discovery; “Digital love” is one of my favourite songs ever! Their impact globally which speaks to their crossover universal appeal is definitely something I look to emulate.

This wouldn’t be the first time (and hopefully not the last) you grace your presence on this arena, what do you hope to gain this time from your experience in contrast to your previous years?


I look forward to showing a different take of Hip Hop performance by stripping it down and fusing other musical genres as well as adding to the visual presentation via the VJ and dancers. In future I hope to incorporate performers into a performance maybe in a Francophone country or actually performing in French!