#NewsUpdate There is a Bar called Africa

Have you heard? a Bar just opened up in the Twittersphere called Africa. At the bar, the IMF orders drinks on everyone’s behalf but doesn’t settle the bill when it comes. Zimbabwe and Zambia fight over a girl called Victoria and Kenya splurges on new money while boasting about their  cousin Barack Obama doing big things in the USA.

This bar, started by opinion satirist  Siyanda Mohutsiwa is the best form of finding the true relations of countries within our continent, and also the common perception of the geo-political aspects of our countries. By simply asking “If Africa was a bar, what would your country be doing/drinking?”

With various mentions and interactions from people not only in our continent but Africans around the globe, we got to see the image of Africa without the smoke and mirrors of economical projections, world status and National geographic inspired imagery. We saw it in the light of truth in humour. We made fun of how South Africans have the tendency to separate themselves from the rest of Africa but unite when there is an economic gain, poking fun at Botswana’s strict regulations on alcohol including more sensitive issues; such as the Zimbabwean once-upon-a-time socio-economical sanctions that led masses to travel cross countries to work multiple odd jobs in the informal sector.

Thanks to Siyanda’s brief yet comical question, we got to see the people’s Africa. An Africa where money still is a problem, where we need genuine transparent economic and political relations and yes, racial relations between arabs and Black Africans needs to be dealt with.

Here’s a gallery with the best tweets garnered from the hashtag #IfAfricaWasaBar

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