#WeeklyThoughts why feminism?

“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.”-
-Kofi Annan
It’s been ten days into a month set aside to praise women and speak on gender issues. And while I, like many others who fumigate at the thought of such issues being shelved to this month as if we all ‘set the date’ to cultural and modern patriarch norms, I appreciate this month as a tool for sensitization.
Over this past week, Botswana’s twitter Curator gave a lot of twitter folk a personal bitch slap with his statement on women’s day, tweeting “Happy women’s day to all the females outchea & to all the males who are a disgrace”. Needless to say, his tweet was followed by an uproar of men and women shaming him for seeing homosexuals and women as the ‘lesser’ sex.
In my view, it is minds like this that feel the need to have a superior of some sort for life to be balanced. A superior sex, superior race – superiority is today’s center for balance, and this is why we still face issues of poverty, bad governance and relying on ‘developed’ institutions to fuel our own economies. Simply because our scale for balance within itself is unequal.
So how do we then rescale our equation to balance the way the world works? we create ideologies such as feminism where equal rights are for both genders, and empowering a disadvantage group to level out who has a say in the country’s development.
If you are a misogynist and a patriot, then understand what is best for your country. The development of your country should not hamper the lives of those around you, nor in your own country. The superiority complex is a tool in increasing poverty,simply because not all people are allowed to use their skills and knowledge in developing their home.Understand that men and women who advocate for equal gender rights are doing so to build the economy, create sustainable models where both humans are educated, therefore one would not always need constant aid from the other. By having two supreme beings, not just one, we can build economic, political and social capacity not only through our work but in the homestead.
So let us eradicate poverty not by sneering at those lesser, but by empowering both genders in the name of global development.