#WeekendUpdate Anzisha Prize announces its 12 finalists

Upon its fifth year running, the Anzisha prize team has shortlisted all 494 applicants for their most coveted award.

Entrepreneurs between 15-22 extending from 33 countries across the continent, have been shortlisted to a list of twelve to share for the Anzisha Prize win – a share of US$75,000 and continuous access on scaling their business and expanding their impact.

With young entrepreneurs in heavily competitive fields such as fashion and agriculture, coming from all corners of the continent will be flown into South Africa during the global Entrepreneurship week (12-18 November) where they will receive intensive training from the African Leadership Academy’s entrepreneurial leadership faculty and meet with industry leaders who will serve as mentors to the applicants. From this, a judge panel will deliberate to select the grand prize winner on the eve of the end of the entrepreneurship week.

However, all is not lost for the Anzisha finalists who do not win the grand prize, as the finalists then become Anzisha fellows and receive ongoing support through business consulting, professional development training and access to growth of their businesses and impact. According to Grace Kalisha, manager for the Anzisha prize, Entrepreneurship has a significant potential to drive economic growth and improved livelihoods for African youth. “We are proud to be celebrating and supporting these inspiring young leaders during Global Entrepreneurship Week, making art of the global entrepreneurship narrative,” she says.

Here are the finalists:

  • Farai Munjoma, Zimbabwe (18): Farai is the co-founder of Shasha Iseminar, a business which provides access to course-ware content, past examination question and answers and career guidance to high school aged children. He further offers school fess contribution from the revenues earned in his business, and carries out projects at orphanages.
  • Blessing Fortune Kwomo, Nigeria (19): Blessing is the cofounder of DeRehoboths Therapeutic Studio, a home based health care which expands through tailored family actions plans for treating illnesses and addressing root causes of their ailment. It further empowers families to live healthier within the context of their circumstances.
  • Vanessa Zommi, Cameroon (19): Vanessa is the cofounder of Emerand Moringa tea – a tea which aims to mage diabetes in her community by providing products with contain key antioxidants – at which her company produces 15kg of tea as output per month.
  • Karidas Tshintsholo, South Africa (20): Karidas is the cofounder of Push Imsokol’, a clothing line currently employing six people in Ekangala township close to Pretoria. His clothing brand hasn’t been only worn by members of his community, but also by television actors on local South African tv shows and celebrities.
  • Chantal Butare, Rwanda (21): Chantal, the founder of Kinazi Dairy Cooperative (KIDACO) offers market access to 3250 farmers through 10 milk collectors. KIDACO packages and sells milk for cattle owners in the community who have received cows in a government program, but lack market access.
  • Sirjeff Dennis, Tanzania (21): Founder of Jefren Afrifriend Solutions (JAS) Poultry farming, he raises 1 500 broiler chickens a month, and selling 100-150 kg bafs of organic fertilizer a month.
  • Hidaya Ibrahim, Ethiopia (21): Hidaya is the co-founder of Qine Association for promoting education quality, an education venture that organizes capacity building activities for students to increase critical thinking, analytical research and writing skills. She further convenes with the educational sector players for unique consultation on the quality of Ethiopian education.
  • Daniel Mukisa, Uganda (21): co-founder of Transport Company, provider of delivery services in Kampala using own branded fleet of 30 motorbikes, carrying out approximately 150 deliveries daily for corporate clients.
  • Fabrice Alomo, Cameroon (22): founder of MyAconnect, a web platform that aims to ease trade in Africa through digitalizing what and how people buy, sell and pay through four user-friendly applications, with 128 companies currently using their business.
  • Chris Kwekowe, Nigeria (22): Chris is the founder of Slatecube, an e-learning platform that allows learners to study ICT- related course work and be certified at their convenience, with 200 active users on Slatecube this year.
  • George Mtemahanji Tanzania (22): George is the cofounder of SunSweet Solar, which designs, plans, organizes and brings solar energy to rural Tanzania. One of his projects was the construction of the largest solar energy system in Kilombero, at Benignis Girls Secondary School of Ifakara.
  • Mabel Suglo, Ghana (22): Mabel is the cofounder of Echo Shoes, a footwear business specializing in designing and making shoes from recycled waste, producing 30 pairs of shoes a month, further employing and empowering people with disabilities in the production process.