#WCW Up close and personal with Print Swim’s Boss Lady, Ayanda Modisane

Following an exceptional launch of Botswana’s first African print inspired swimwear line, Tigele caught up with Ayanda Modisane, co founder of print swim for a better understanding of the unique swimwear range:

Hello Ayanda. First of all congratulations are in order for a well put together event. I would like to know what it is that inspired you to do a swimwear line in particular.

Our Beautiful wildlife inspired me to create an African Print swimwear line. The animals are bold, strong, colourful and that’s basically a description of women in Africa. Each piece represents beauty and power, making her feel like the predator she is.

How have your intentions to start this line and the teasers you have released been received locally (so far)?

Oh wow, the public loves the idea and they want more of it, but the best part is that a lot of people are very proud of me and it warms my heart.

Printswim prides itself on African print designs. In the last couple of years, since the meteoric rise of fashion labels like Stoned Cherrie and and Christian Boucaud some people argue that the market for clothes made with African prints is saturated, and will soon be less sought after. What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t believe our prints will saturate. It all lies on how we market it globally and who we approach. Also, we need ideas on how to use the prints differently – not only in fashion but in other industries because anything is possible. The support from other designers should also be very high if we all want to expose African Couture overseas.

On the business side of things, it seems as if though there are many competent and talented fashion designers in Botswana, a lack of business education is the key weakness that has hindered their success. How have you prepared yourself to be as adept in managing your business as you are on the creative side? 

That’s a VERY important question. This applies in any kind of business you do. I am very focused and I plan my future’s future well. You have to set goals and complete them because consistency is key. You have to network vigorously as your network is your networth. The company you keep should increase your business mentality to unbelievable heights – if not, find new people. And the most important of them all is that people don’t realise that you CAN’T do everything and you need an “A-TEAM” to help carry the load. They should be as consistent as you because if you aren’t, what makes you think they’ll strive to impress you if you are lazy?.

To my understanding Printswim will be available online. Are there any intentions on approaching any local stores to carry the line?

Yes of course. We are approaching a few stores especially up North to attract tourists and in South Africa for this year. Next stores will be overseas if everything goes well.


*Printswim collection will be available online at www.printswim.com