#WeeklyThoughts are the SDG’s my goals too?

Last Friday, leaders of our nations convened in New York to embark on a new global journey: setting sustainable development goals.image
In all our current differences, all our leaders set these goals to realize the dream of a globe where conflict, poverty and harming the environment is only known through our history books.
Through my perception, I raise a brow to these goals, which are fairly similar to the ended Millennium Development Goal. Are we going to fall into the same trap of delegating these issues to the same powers that be that have convened to agree on them?
When it comes to our inherent state of privilege (privilege being a citizen of any country that has access to internet, education, a home and food security) we tend to think that we do not have a role to play in the betterment of our country. Logic deems that moving to an urbanized place being an individual’s decision means that whatever I goals I set for myself have no impact on the lives of others.
Being in the hub of development, being capital cities or industrialized towns has I am, I believe that anyone who is reading this post has the power and potential to make an impact in their communities, in that making a change to the world.
Reading and understanding these development goals ignited conversations with friends and colleagues made me realize something important – there is a disconnect to these goals and us, but it is not fully the responsibility of UN organs and government to make me feel like I have a role to play in achieving these goals, it falls on me too.
How do I reduce poverty for example? It doesn’t begin and end in the voter’s booth – it extends to me using this platform (The Afrolutionist) as means to create employment for those around me, those who are well equipped to play a role in enhancing my brand. From the writers, photographers and administration team – to me as Mmabatho, giving back to my community, volunteering and taking an active part in going back to my home village, and helping out my family there.
All the SDG’s are personal to me, and my hope is for there to be personable to everyone too. Including you.