We got robbed, and got schooled in the process

It was exactly 8 days since we have been consistent with our posts and engaged with you, our lovely Afrolutionists. And our silence isn’t brought on by an outbreak of the writer’s block but a saddening yet eye-opening experience… We got burglarized.

On an evening dedicated to celebrating my friend’s life on his birthday, an unknown number of low-life, desperate for quick cash, entry-level human beings (I’m sure you can tell how highly I think of them) came in my and my roommate’s haven and stole my and my roommates laptop – both devices we use to realize our dreams and generate an honest way of living.

By the time we got home, we find the door lock disfigured and only 2 of our electronics gone, but luckily other valuables such as our wallets, cameras and phones were still in sight. We rush to the police station to report the crime, leaving with racing hearts and minds still coming to terms of the violation of our sacred place.

The police station was an even more sobering experience, having took 2 gruelling hours recollecting the period of events further begging for aid of forensic officers to take any possible DNA or fingerprints for any further possible leads. Reluctantly dragging their feet to the vehicle, we dawdled our way to the crime scene (a place I once called home).

One of the forensic officers opened a CSI-esque briefcase, and pulled out a black fine and chalky substance and powdered it across the door handle, took a brief look with his naked eye and concluded that he saw no fingerprints- including ours. He then treks into our rooms and scans the scene, concluding once again what we all know – he found no leads. Shrugging and mentioning that we should have our serial numbers at bay, he further mentions that they can find more leads provided that more cases similar to our arise. Personally, I find it ironic that the police need more crime to stop crime, but I can only blame it on my capacity of being a mere citizen that i do not understand how this police thing works.

In hindsight – I realize that although I can’t stop criminal activity, I didn’t set secure barriers to my home. As long as we live in a society with people who set greed, self gain and quick-cash-schemes at a high regard, I have to take security to an account to prevent myself as humanly possible as i can to lost lose months of hard work in a few hours. Notwithstanding, the amounts that it can cost me can be high in the short term, but have long term benefits. Had i insured my valuable assets, I wouldn’t have suffered as I did in the past week.

Also, on the bright side – their theft did not include any personal harm or violence, which makes me further grateful for my state of mind; all my most important aspects that helped me realize this dream and seize a few opportunities.

Although this horrible ordeal has passed and could happen again, I appreciate a few lessons taken from it, and stay thankful for the support system that was able to aid me throughout this time. My only hope is for the police force to ignite their passion and be part of the society that wants tor educe criminal activity. I can only hope that in future, our police force can act assertively, and not through reaction.