#NewsUpdate Africa set to launch the Development minerals programme

Although we are still working on a knowledge based economy, we cannot simply jump on to the knowledge economic bandwagon as well leave those who are skilled, but unqualified behind.
This is why there is still relevance on a reliance to natural resource exploration, as it enriches those who are skilled and those qualified simultaneously, without negotiating on who can thrive at the cost of another’s shortcomings.
According to the African Union, the continent’s economic growth , rapid urbanisation rate and increasing infrastructure are driving a demand for low value minerals and materials such as construction materials, dimension stones and industrial minerals. This creates opportunity for us to mine our own minerals and supply to each other, boosting intra-Africa trade. According to the union, indicators prove that over 8 million people are currently engaged in the sector, with 40% of the workforce consisting of women.
These formed the notion to support capacity development in the mining sector in Africa, the Africa, Caribean, Pacific Group of States (ACP), the European Union and the United Nations Development program to create the Development Minerals Programme; a three-year €13.1 million capacity building programme to support the mining sectors in over 40 countries in our continent.
The launch of the programme will be in Ethiopia next week Monday with various delegates, including Ethiopia’s minister of Mines Mr. Erastus Mwencha.
With certain countries involved in the programme such as Kenya, Lesotho, Niger, Zimbabwe and Angola, this programme should see the decrease in unemployment with the upliftment of skills based jobs, and an increase in mining activity.