#ArtisticFridays The rise and rise of Mpho Sebina

I am a fan of Mpho Sebina’s work. She reminds me of an underground indie artist that walks into explosive coverage completely from their talent. Like Frank Ocean pre-Channel Orange days; someone we just love so much and wonder why the world hasn’t heard of them yet.

In Botswana, Sebina imploded to national recognition with through her soulful, soothing voice. With only one single under her belt, she’s shared stages with South African iconic group LadySmith Black Mambazo, HHP and British band AtJazz all in one year.

It’s inspiring for her to be welcomed so receptively online and in her home country simply with reference to our interview  with her at the beginning of this year.  Her fresh faced appearance glowed further when she spoke about her music. Her passion for singing is undeniable, as she lit up everytime we spoke about her music.

When we asked about her aspirations in her career, she gave the most genuine answer “I want to sing man” she said, “I just want to sing. I want to travel the world with my music, I don’t want to make music for the point of just making music but I want it to do something positive for people.” She added. She exclusively told us then in January, that she is working on the music video of her first single ‘loves light’ (which was only released later in May)

With two self-written songs that speak of positivity (love’s light and No Evil), Mpho is on the high-rise to superstardom through spreading her love and positive radiance in her music. Have a look at her new music video for her debut single Love’s Light, that has been in the works since the beginning of the year.