#WeekendUpdate Africa’s youngest successful entrepreneurs

Having shortlisted the finalists for the one of the most coveted awards for young entrepreneurs, Anzisha has handed its $25 000 grand prize to a 22-year-old Nigerian entrepreneur.

Chris Kwekowe won this year’s grand prize based on his company Slatecube , an e-learning platform that allows people to study skill focused courses, and further offers job placement skills through connecting companies with his graduates offering virtual internships as well.

Kwekowe envisions Slatecube to grow into a wide-scale provider of relevant job market access, according to a Press statement by Anzisha. “I did not believe that I could have won the prize when the competition started,” he said “But I feel confident in what I can achieve now given the capital and training that I have received through the Anzisha Prize. I congratulate all the other finalists as I believe they were all very impressive and look forward to engaging them as we support each other to grow going forward,” he added.

Second prize winners were Finance technology entrepreneur 22-year-old Fabrice Alomo from Cameroon and 22-year-old Ghanaian Fashion entrepreneur Mabel Suglo. They won $15 000 and $12 500 respectively.

Alomo is the founder of My Acconect  – a solution that connects a unbanked society to financial services in Cameroon. Through his service, people can buy with over 500 enterprises by depositing money through charge cards. Suglo is the founder of Eco Shoes – these are Afro themed designs for shoes made from recycled materials. She further breaks stigmatization with people of disabilities in thus particularly employing them for business productivity.

With the 5th year over and prizes already handed to these great Afrolutionists, we hope that more skill based jobs open to people across the continent – creating more jobs and diversifying the economy’s resource based nature. The Anzisha Prize is now closed but will open on February 2016 for applications and nominations are open all year.