#artisticFridays 05 FLava and Beeks The Music: ‘O tswa Kae mami?’

With hip hop having revolutionized the scope of music, our continent was no exception. Having created our own different dialects of hip hop culture including Motswako (rapping in the native language of Setswana, particularly found in Southern Africa), the hip hop culture has become the greatest musical platform in the black world.

Although the hip hop culture unfortunately became a tool that widens the gap in gender equality, through objectification of women in derogatory name calling, using women as props and not additional humane characters in their music videos and appropriating rape and abuse in some rappers lyrics; others have used the same platform for empowerment.

Two rappers in the heart of Botswana came together creating a song “O tswa kae mami” (directly translated to where are you from mami?) where they share interest in two phenomenal women who attract them through their independent nature and undeniable sense of style. Hip Hop artists Beeks the Music and 05 Flava have had this specific work of art climbing radio charts on Botswana’s national radio station, and has finally found an online space for all of our consumption.

Exclusively giving their insight to us in an interview, Beeks described his lyrics as ‘lighthearted and witty’. To those that vibe with O tswa Kae mami will know that he details certain quirks with the woman he’s interested in through personality characteristics like her nose slightly crinkling when she laughs (sweet, isn’t it?). While 05 Flava believes that this song encourages woman to know their worth – not only through appreciating their independence but to be with someone who appreciates and isn’t intimidated by their success.

In a nutshell, O tswa Kae mami is a refreshing look from a man’s perspective who appreciates and isn’t intimidated by other women (although we can do without the verbal intention to already want to bed the woman without really knowing her, but I guess hormones have feelings too)

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