Jiggy Flava ENT. introduce ‘O Tswa Kae Mami’ Campaign

From 05 Flava’s new hit single ‘O tswa Kae Mami‘ births a new project, the O tswa Kae Mami Campaign. Aimed at creating a normalization in celebrating Afro-woman excellence. With particular focus to young women, the aim of the campaign is to celebrate young African women who are excelling in their respective industries.

Speaking to 05 Flava about the campaign, he mentioned the reason why it is youth focused and what makes this campaign different from the usual woman profiling. “I am a young man, it is only right” he said. Adding that he sees a pattern of young people who value themselves in  non-important things such as appearance, money and popularity without necessarily adding value. He believes that the difference in this campaign is that is will allow young teenage girls to meet young women indirectly, and forging inspiration through their hard work being celebrated.

Image: BornaKing Photography

Image: BornaKing Photography

Confident that women are very well represented in the song,  Beeks The Music realizes that the normativity in celebrating Black Women in hip hop usually alludes to sexual undertones, normally objectifying women. Through this campaign, a multi-faceted view of what it means to be a beautiful, successful black woman will be given that will inspire young teenage girls and create a better influential culture of celebrating African women.

There is also quite the difference in the women they chose to profile, they are successful but not famous, making their stories unearthed gold. “We are profiling young women who seem not to be getting attention. We are using our mainstream attention to create a platform for people who don’t have that platform” adds Beeks, realigning what makes this campaign even more unique.

Have a read on some of the women they have profiled on their Facebook Page, and share the inspiration.