Flirting with fashion threads at The Summer Fling Fashion Show


“fashion is life and just like life, you must express your fashion freely”

Adama Amanda Ndiaye

At the peak time of Botswana’s enraging heat comes an event meant to set new trends, and create inspiration to redefine your wardrobe.

When it comes to practicalizing trends into Botswana’s hot weather and your comfort, we usually hit a brick wall seeing that our retailers adjust commonly to the global vogue language. This is why Summer Fling Fashion Show is an event that just makes sense to the average consumer.

Brining boldness and unlimitation to your wardrobe through showcasing designers. The Summerfling Fashion Show proudly brought to you by Raven Brands is set to not only nourish the hunger pangs of fashion lovers in Botswana, but set a stage for designers to create mass production and in turn create employment and local garments in the retail space.

Our blogger Mmabatho speaking exclusively with Lesetse, one of the organisers, Lesetse mentioned that the event has potential on creating new trends in the coming season. Citing the designers as Passionate and hard-working, she sees their creativity being threaded from more than mannequins and models to the audience members in attendance.

What is interesting about the show is that it highlights fashion designers that spark the interests of many groups. From brides, to grunge wearers, to men in love with crisp printed tees and those who want to marry their love of casual with work gear.

Designers include Rocka Bonke Clothing Line notorious for their infusion of Bandanna prints on clothes, Southern Lifestyle wear (check out their Lifestyle Fridays on their Social Media) , Garb ad Array Designs as well as Opelo Lesake’s work.

Speaking on the economic boost on a national level Lesetse sees potential in each designer, and in the consumers needs. “People are always looking for new looks to define their identity.” She says  “At some point, we hope for the talent to create bigger production and create employment opportunities in commercializing their wear.” She adds.

If you’re looking for revamping your wardrobe and you happen to be in Gaborone, Botswana this Saturday, make your way to Thapong Visual Arts Centre and be a part of the second annual Summer Fling Fashion Show .