Orange finds home in Egpyt

Orange telecommunications, one of the world’s leading brands of mobile communication has sought new ground in Egypt.

With its network coverage existing in 19 countries across the continent and the Middle East, including Botswana, Madagascar and Morocco, The Orange brand effectively rebranded Mobinil in Egypt. Orange additionally pledged to stimulate growth in Egypt’s digital economy.

Apart from Egypt being the latest group to adopt the Orange Brand, it has the largest customer group in numbers 33.4 million (and end of December 2015) with revenues accelerating to 27% in Middle East and Africa region.

Yves Gauthier, Chief Executive Officer Orange Egypt sai “We are part of a truly international group with all the backing that brings. In addition to benefiting from group-wide synergies and know-how, we are adopting the Orange strategy to place the customer experience at the heart of what we do so that we can deliver on our promise ‘to connect our customers to what is essential in their lives’.

With this new development in Egypt, does it dictate negative changes to the previous Mobinil now Orange customer? More improvements to the customer experience according to their release statement. With this new rebranding, customers are promised to enjoy access Orange’s range of affordable handsets customized for the telecommunication network. Orange is also set to launch its first smart store in Cairo, which will have try out spaces that show service solutions handed by Orange such as tariff, Orange Money, cellphone care among others.