Lakai Saadiq III

What Do You Know About Us?


To whom, shall we sing attainment to celebrate our agony?

He, with greatness forged to his sleeves?

For memories remembers only the privileged.


Ours is of honor,

In life and in death.

Unto the throne, we plant our knees to the ground.

Our orders, armed with grace.

Our amour summoned for souls of flight.

We are the last Kingman,

Standing guard of the land of our forefathers.


We exist for nothingness.

Nothing shall be said of us.

Our names, will remain chiseled on the gusts of sandstorms.

Gusts carrying our spirits to the heavens.

We carry gratitude in the same shoulders we shoulder the joys of our nation.

We are the last of our kind.


Our Kings, our fathers.

Our Queens, our mothers.

We are the last Kingman.


image art:Paul Collins