Photocredit: Patricia Willocq Photography

Following a recently published report, UN Human Rights Expert Ikponwosa Ero will be orchestrating a monitoring visit Malawi to assess the human rights of people with albinism.

Set to commence her field research between 18  to 29 April this year, Ero comes at a significant time, upon a rise of reports of  attacking on people with albinism. “I look forward to this first official mission to evaluate the situation of human rights of persons with albinism in Malawi, make concrete recommendations, and identify good practices to promote regionally,” she said, further stressing that attacks of people with albinism and the sale of their body parts will be one of the main focuses of her visit. She also added that she cannot separate such crimes from other relevant and contributing human rights issues faced by people with albinism in the spheres of health, disability, education, harmful traditional practices.

Ero will be travelling to Lilongwe, Machinga, Zomba, Phalombe and Kasungu to meet various groups. Namely legislative and judicial groups, civil society groups, people with albinism, as well as families affected bu human rights violations towards people with albinism. By April 29th, Ms Ero with share her preliminary observations particularly identifying and promoting good practices, combating stereotypes and traditional practices and beliefs that hinder the rights of people with albinism. From here, a full comprehensive report will be presented in March 2017.