Former Ivorian First lady commences ICC Trial

It happened 5 years ago, during and after Ivory Coast’s 2010 presidential elections.

While Ivorian’s aimed to practice their democratic right, peace and security was undermined through acts of murder, rape and other extremely violent onto over 1000 civilians, under the alleged influence and participation of the country’s then first lady, Simone Gbagbo.

In seeking justice, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant in February 2012 on charges of rape and sexual violence, murder, inhumane acts and persecution in the country. Yesterday, being the beginning of her trial.

Outside of ICC’S jurisdiction, Gbagbo was convicted and sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment on charges of participation an insurrectionary movement, conspiracy against the State, and disturbing public order. She is currently serving sentence in the country, imprisoned in Abidjan on a different but related charge.