Haiti To Become AU Member State

It was in 1963 when our Pan-African Matyrs gathered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a dream to re-establishing a united Africa through economic trade and political relations.

53 years later, the African Union has set various policies in which various countries adopt that assist in nation building; for example its cheaper and more effective internet exchange points which Mauritius has recently adopted, or the visa on arrival policy which Ghana  to be implemented in July.

This spirit of Pan Africanism has transcended into the Diaspora, sparking Haiti’s attention. As Haiti has obtained a member observer status in February 2012, it expressed its desire to become a fully fledged member of the African Union.

With hope to boost economic ties, Haiti becoming a member of the African Union will not only make it a first country outside of Africa to be part of the union – boosting possible international relations and developing various industries.

Since its formal application in 2012, there have been unity talks between the confederation of African states and the Caribbean states, rounding their second round of dialogue last March. According to AUC Chairperson Nkosazana Dlamini, unity between Africa and its Diaspora is a logical step. “Since Pan Africanism had its roots amongst those early generations, as a movement of Africans from the mother continent and the Diaspora for liberation, self-determination and our common progress.” She said.

Haiti will officially be known as an AU member state in the next AU Summit taking place in Kigali, Rwanda next month.


An article within the AU Constitution, namely Article 29.1 of the AU’s Constitutive Act, states that only African States can join the African Union, which means Haiti will not be a member state. Read here for more information.