Today in 1963, Pan African Laureates – the likes of Haile Sellasie III and Kwame Nkhrumah united with hopes of reshaping Africa from a sordid colonial past and formed the Organisation of African Unity.

They created a set of goals they wanted to realize in exactly 100 years from that date, what we know today as Agenda 2063 of the African Union. Within the agenda, various goals that benefit our communities are in hopes to be realized. Goals that reflect on the empowerment of children, women, better access to adequate resources – in a nutshell, a paradigm shift of the continent from inequality and needed, to self sustainability.

While we can engage in critical stimulating debate on the productivity of the African Union, let us use this day to reflect on words spoken by various Afrolutionists in and around our continent. Here is  a gallery on all our Afrolutionist’s thoughts on personal, country and continental development:


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