pic: Chillstep Sundays

Conversations of boosting the creative sector swirl around the mouths of investors, economists and small businesses in Africa.

In the realization of the reliance to resources as an economic stimulant, governments are creeping into the creative sector, finding means of making the skills based, talent based zone as a potential to boost the economy, while tapping into other fields of the economy such as tourism and architectural development.

According to  a report carried out by UNESCO and EY (formerly Ernst & Young) depicting the power of the creative sector. In Africa and the Middle East, the creative sector created 2.4 million jobs and contributed 1.1% of the continent’s GDP – in numbers 58 billion USD.

Streamlining to Botswana’s context, a monthly artistic exhibition in the heart of Gaborone, popular known as Chillstep Sundays has chosen to contribute to this sector with focus on art students. In partnership with Botswana’s largest youth radio station Yarona FM, Chillsteps Sundays has recently introduced an initiative of sustainable art student mentorship.

Through the initiative, art students between 13-18 years will submit an unfinished sample online which will be published on social media platforms. Through public votes, the winner will be awarded P1 500.00 prize along with merchandize – a stimulating tool of motivation for the young artist. The winning students will further have access to advice and dialogue with influencers in the art field.

Chillstep Sundays will be celebrating one year in the next month. Yet is kicking off the beginning of their new year in humbly contributing to the future captains of the art industry in Botswana. Through a simple competition running smoothly on a monthly basis, the event is in turn stimulating healthy competition and pushing young artists to boost quality of work. A healthy initiative that is sure to benefit the country at large upon the shift to a knowledge based economy.