My Cameroon

Ntui Oben Obi Agbor

Greetings from my Cameroon,
A land flowing with milk and honey
A small piece of the Universe married to peace,
The bread basket of Central Africa.

From the hills of West Africa’s highest height, I salute you.
From Buea the Town of legendary hospitality, I say bonjour.
From Yaoundé the city of the seven hills, I kiss you greetings from the sun
From Maroua the land of the rotten Chimpanzee, I give you a humble bow
From Bamenda the hilltop station and Bertoua the Land of the rising sun I offer you greetings from the palaces and fondoms.

My Cameroon mon pays
My fatherland styled with its over two hundred and fifty cultures and ethnic groups
From the land of the Ewondo, Basa,Bamileke,
To the chiefdoms and fondoms of the Bakwerri, Bangwa, Bayangi, Bafut and Nkambe,
Culture is at its peak.

My Cameroon,
A country blessed with Ingenious and excellent youths,
Who push high its wings of Development and progress.
We are a people endowed with the abundance of the earth
With our green and rich lands cursed with pasture,
And our soils hardly know bareness.

Mon Cameroun mon pays
The land of our forefathers
The land of rivers full of prawns,
And hospitality without frawns.
God bless my Cameroon.


Ntui is a young and vibrant Cameroonian  leader with a great passion to change his community  – making it better.With over six years experience in youth work and most work with rural communities, he currently acts as president of Actions for Change Cameroon and a life coach to many young people his country.