WATCH: African SuperHeroes: Yemoja

From the brilliant mind of UK Based African film Director Nosa Igbinedion, comes a second chapter to the African Superhero Series “Rise of the Orishas”.

13680267_10153554459760216_862569417166219375_oChanelling Yoruba culture’s  spiritualistic elements into our representation of Superheroes, the series introduces us to Yemoja, an aquatic spirit and mother of all Orishas.

In the series a young doctor names Amina has her life turned for the worst when a young politician’s son dies under her supervision. In the midst of this, mystical visions and Yemoja creating home in Amina’s body create more complexities in her life – as she battles to clear her name and also become said Superhero she has been called into.

Purchase the two episode series online or view the Trailer on their website.