Malian Artists vow to promote Africa’s history

Over 40 of Mali’s greatest artists have joined the Coalition of Artists to promote a prejudice-free rewritten history of Africa.

The artists signed a declaration in Paris, France joining in on an existing Coalition formulated in October 2015. The Artists include Salif Keita, Mokobé, duo Amadou and Mariam, producer Dawala and Aissata Maïga.

A few of the Malian artists who have signed the Coalition, including Dawala, Salif Keita and Mokobe

The Coalition of Artists aims to raise awareness towards the promotion of a prejudice-free history of Africa, utilizing UNESCO’S General History of Africa as a source. The General History of Africa was established in 1964 and completed in 1999 – and mobilized over 230 historians and specialists. African historians and academics including Guinean D.T. Niane, Burkinabe J. Ki-Zerbo  and Ghanaian A . A . Boahen. The General History of Africa has produced 8 volumes of historical documentation depicting Africa from its prehistorical error, its early models of civilizations (inclusive of political and economic structures), to a detailed history of Africa from its 7th to 20th  Century.

The Malian Artists are now part of an international coalition which aims to mobilize artists and creative to promote the work carried out within the framework of the General History of Africa. As reiterated by The Coalitions spokesperson, Congolese musician Ray Lema, the Coalition of Artists from Africa and elsewhere was to help ensure that the vast knowledge contained in the GHA volumes reaches people’s minds.

The volumes of the General History of Africa are all available for free, online Here.