How SohoIndigo is bringing back the art of rule

Leadership seems like an abstract concept. Realized typically through academia, self help books and motivational talks.

Yet, leadership is ingrained in Africa’s heritage, and it Botswana’s context – leadership is what brought functioning economies, infrastructural developments, a more educated, skilled and well governed society. While the world is looking into creating more young people to be leaders Batswana should be typically aware that is it a part of their DNA.

This is what inspired Ludo Matebesi, founder of Sohoindigo, to create the Born To Rule tote bag.  Utilizing fashion as a language, Ludo brought what she describes the embodiment of our heritage to our everyday lifestyle. The bag is constructed out of a sturdy canvas cloth finely sewn, garnished by digital prints of Botswana’s first three presidents: Sir Seretse Khama, Sir Ketumile Quett Masire as well as Dr. Festus Mogae.

This minimal unisex bag serves not only to reignite the spirit of leadership through fashion, but for Ludo – a personal challenge in the art of storytelling. “Personally,” she says, “ the journey through making the dream come alive has been an emotional one because first I needed to convince myself and the people around me that I knew what I was doing. I wanted to go beyond just being a style curator to telling stories through bag making.” She adds. Through the Born To Rule Totebag, you don’t just carry a bag, you carry a powerful message.

Get the Born To Rule Totebags going for $19.00 or P200.00 through her website, or contact her on Facebook.

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