Pan African Bank founder receives AfroChampions Lifetime Award

Pan-African entrepreneurship in Africa is typically regarded as a unicorn, yet many Africans have engaged in creating and building local products.

One of the biggest home-grown products that were simulated with a Pan-African appeal is Ecobank, a bank that has been in business for over 30 Years, in 40 Countries in and outside the continent and employs to over 19000 people across the continent. Another organization, Asky Airlines, since its early formation in 2008, flying into 23 destinations in West and Central Africa with a staff compliment of 259 people coming from different parts of West Africa.

Both these organizations carry an important formula needed to realize its success – Gervas Djondo. Ecobank’s cofounders and Asky Airlines founder is regarded as one of Africa’s prominent entrepreneurs who have carried the spirit of Pan Africanism in economic exchange, further creating initiative that unearth, grow and mentor more young African entrepreneurs.

Regarded as the founding father of corporate Pan Africanism, Gervas Djondo has been awarded with the AfroChampions LifeTime award. The award is launched by The AfroChampions initiative, an innovation project designed to promote African private sector champions sponsored by the Africa-France Summit for Partnership, Peace and Emergence, advisory firm Konfidants and ADS group, in Bamako, Mali.

Receiving the award organized under the Patronage of the President of Mali, Djondo found his to establish a culture of mentorship for young entrepreneurs. He has created Djondo Fellowship; an initiative that will mentor young entrepreneurs who own small businesses to become AfroChampions. Executive member of the AfroChampions organization Dr Edem Adzogenu noted the importance of the succession of entrepreneurial knowledge. “Successes from elders can make young entrepreneurs even more audacious and creative.” Edem said, noting that there is a need for young people to think ‘Pan African” from the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. “Only this shift in mentalities can drive further economic integration in Africa”, he added.

The AfroChampions Initiative and its partners Konfidants and ADS group have set up an ambitious roadmap for 2017, in order to bring onboard both African heads of state and investment promotion agencies. On the side lines of the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa end of January 2017 they will notably introduce the AfroChampions Hub project to support intra-Africa investments.


About the AfroChampions Organization:

The AfroChampions Initiative is coordinated by the AfroChampions Organization. Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, and working with regional and global partners and governments our mission is to catalyse a homegrown ‘African multinational business ecosystem’ that supports Africa’s transformation through the birth of more African multinationals, the continued expansion of existing ones, and the emergence of Africa’s first global giants, using the AfroChampions 2030 Plan.