HR View: Follow Instructions

Chris Seagateng
Botswana Youth Jobs Fair

Follow instructions or Lose the Job!

You’ve paid to have your CV re-written, your new LinkedIn profile looks awesome, and now you’re ready to apply for jobs.

Don’t blow your chance at a new career opportunity because you can’t follow instructions.

I recently advertised for a new administrative assistant, with very simple criteria – applicants needed to send their CV and a short statement about why they were perfect for the job.

More than half of the applicants failed to comply with this simple instruction and in those cases, I didn’t even bother to open the CVs. If they can’t carry out my first request to them, their CV means nothing to me.

All the claims of “attention to detail” etc etc mean nothing – actions speak far louder than words in this case.

The employer gives you instructions for a reason.
This is the very first task you are performing for them.

You ARE being tested – so make sure that you pass!

Fail this test and you lose the job.

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