Awakening & Nourishing Tenderness: Lore Lo Ojwa Lo Sale Metsi

Maitisong presents Awakening & Nourishing Tenderness: Lore Lo Ojwa Lo Sale Metsi, an evening of poetry, music, story-telling and dance in conjunction with the visit of His Holiness, The Dalai Lama on the 18th August 2017, 7pm. The evening will feature performances by celebrated author Barolong Seboni, acclaimed poet Leshie Lovesong, the musical stylings of Gaborone Youth Singers and the moves of Mogwana Traditional Dance Group. Tickets: P200 (adults) / P100 (students with valid IDs) / P250
(all access, including Awakening & Nourishing Tenderness Film Festival (16th & 17th August, Village Cinema, 6.30pm) and Awakening & Nourishing Tenderness: A Celebration of Botho (19th August, Thapong Visual Arts Centre); available from Maitisong & Webtickets outlets nationwide.

Fa dipelo tsa bone di santse di le bonolo, ke yone nako ya lerato. Ka lerato, ga
godisiwa ngwao, tumelo le tsamaiso ya merafe. Tse tsotlhe sale tsa simolola ka peo;
peo ya lerato…

… From this seed, we need to awaken and give rise to the past, the present and the
future; one at a time and all at once throughout time.
The night begins with a golden sunset and the falling away of the day, the golden
days when tradition held a powerful sway over all. Throughout, our Culture held us
together and kept us strong. Botho was neither a word or a distant concept
packaged for sale, marketed and consumed as a brand. Botho has always been
etched deep within our land. Botho here is a way of life; the light that has always
shone bright.

Mme, jaaka letsatsi le phirima, re tsena mo nakong ya lefifi.
The light is seemingly fading away as we drift into darker times, when hearts remain
closed and only the icy cold breeze of a winter night remains. Botho bo kae when our
individual needs outweigh, by far, the need for togetherness. Love and tenderness
are seen weaknesses, but over time, those who still believe, persevere. Ga re ka ke ra
ithoboga! We hold up the light; from the flick of a match stick, there sparks a flame
that ignites the candle wick. The light is faint mare lesedi le teng.
The seed remains buried deep but still, we nourish it patiently and consistently. Re nale
tumelo ya gore dilo di tlaa siama. With tenderness and love, we push on and strive to
go beyond this mess. From the past, we give rise to possibility of a future beyond the
present night; the night that we know shall pass and indeed, it does.

Light breaks, brighter than the candles and fires that kept us visible and warm through
the cold night. Dawn breaks and with it rises the Sun that reminds us of something
greater. Within our spirituality and faith is the reality of a deeply embedded
embodiment of Botho. However, in the dark times, like the seed buried deep within,
we need to nurture it with love and patience. That which is vulnerable and tender,
Botho, will grow to be as big and never ending as the greater Mowana.