South Africa donates to Sierra Leone Disaster Response #Mudslides

The South African government has donated 615 000 USD (8 Million Rand) in response to over 10 000 people affected by the mudslides and flooding in Sierra Leone.

The contribution was channeled through the World Food Program (WFP), which incites that the contribution is aimed at food security in the hardest hit communities of Sugar Load and Mortomeh, outside Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital.

Currently, WFP is leading coordinated human response in that area, providing food, shelter and other essential assistance through their work and the assistance of their partners. According to Regional Director for Southern Africa Lola Castro, the people and government of South Africa have demonstrated their solidarity with the people of Sierra Leone. “South Africa’s humanitarian support to Sierra Leone is vital at a time when so many global emergencies require support”, Castro noted in a release from the WFP.

Although South Africa has made an immense contribution towards the response of the natural disaster, more help is needed in Sierra Leone. According to Red Cross, over 1 600 families are in need of urgent shelter and longer-term recovery support.

However, the response has been noticeable from all stakeholders. As we have previously highlighted , government and NGO’s have been assisting with emergency shelters as well as other remaining aid from the 2014/2015 Ebola epidemic in the region. There has also been psycho-social support, shelter and sanitation items and other skills uptake from volunteers.

Holistically, there is still need for international assistance to ensure 4 600 people around the area are assisted with shelter, safe water, food and re-establishing proper sanitation to avoid any possible outbreak of diseases.