African Leadership Academy: Townhall Info Session – a review

Kevin Mofokeng

On a chilly afternoon of 26th August 2017, African Leadership Academy held a Town hall information held a session at the University of Botswana in regards to equipping entrepreneurs with tips on effective networking and its importance.

Spearheading the session, Mr. Wilson He gave a keynote address and mentioned how entrepreneurs always cry for not getting business but solely the problem always lies with them and how they connect with potential clients. “Entrepreneurs should get in the habit of communicating with other stakeholders so as to better their chances of getting jobs” he said. Mr Wilson further went on to say that “networking is very key to every entrepreneur as it can make or break them”,most of the entrepreneurs can’t make it in their designated market niche because they don’t tend to go out and put themselves up there. Also one other important factor is that when it comes to networking one has to be open to meeting with new people because you never know who your/were your market niche is.


Networking has been one of the biggest added value to any entrepreneur’s journey. The aim is to be always sharp and ready to sell your story at any networking event that is in town. Mr Wilson mentioned that for successful networking, one should make sure they join a group of people with a common story, “this makes it easier to break the ice”. He further on went to say “networking brings about relationships, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get the job now, all that matters is that in future you will be given a chance”. Mr Wilson went on to give tips on how to network effectively:


  • You should be up to date with current affairs; this will be helpful if any of the people you’re with a sharing a conversation on what is going on.
  • Always be sure to listen critically.
  • Do not rush to answer questions.
  • Always ask questions.
  • Sell your story and engage your audience
  • Ask for contact detail and/or pass yours for future use


In closing the attendees were given a simple task that lasted 15 minutes to network with each other using the tips that were facilitated to them. Everyone seemed to have gotten the hang of effective networking all thanks to Wilson and his team.