The plight of a young Motswana

Leungo Mphati

“Botswana, has transformed themselves from a dusty and barren desert to a land laden with jewels and opportunities”. These have been phrases that we hear about our beloved nation. Indeed, Botswana is a shining example of good governance and fair politics.


Seemingly, those with a keen observation will state that Botswana trajectory has hit a plateau and harsher critics have gone on to say that we’re on the decline. The wealth gap between the rich and the poor is ever increasing and unemployment rates continue to sky rocket.


Job creation is a topic that is on the lips of many and government is under pressure to create thousands of jobs. Often times It’s a case of one forward and three steps back as we’ve witnessed the closure of a number of mines and cases of investment plans that have fallen through.

Even though the Botswana has experienced economic growth year on year, this has not translated into sustainable creation of jobs.

87 000

A major weekly business newspaper reported that there are roughly 87000 unemployed graduates. There are also 7000 trained teachers that are without work.  This is too high a number considering our population. The government, in their role as the largest employer in the country has resorted to introducing the Graduate Volunteer scheme and the now suspended National Internship programme.
In all fairness, the above mentioned are just glorified measures of papering over rapidly growing crack.

The sore reality of many students right now is plunging straight down into the deep doldrums of unemployment.


“Entrepreneurship” is the new wave. This is apparently the most apt remediation of our unemployment crisis in Botswana. The plight of the young Motswana is that they aren’t all wired with business acumen nor are they capable of managing a startup. In vague estimation and projection, very few people will go on to run successful business, check the stats.

We’re faced with a problem that is close to reaching epidemic proportions. I may be over exaggerating but one can’t help but be worried.  Botswana, at this point in time cannot deal with economic repercussion of a high unemployment rate considering the status quo. Many solutions have been thrown about but sufficient enough to relieve the plight of unemployment Batswana.


About The Afrolutionist:

Leungo is a firm believer in upliftment of others. Empowering and promoting self-awareness. A film student in his tertiary days, Leungo has gone on and honed his professional craft in Public Relations, Branding and Communications.


He’s passionate about startups as he believes this is toughest most grueling stage of running a business but it is the most rewarding. He has overseen a number of projects as a branding and communication strategist for SME in Botswana.


He has spear headed a number of projects in the charity space, acting as a PRO for Tshegetshang a youth-run NGO that is focused on uplilfting the Motswana child.


An rugby player farmer and creative, Leungo believes regular joes like himself, will one day play an influential role in make the world a better place